IDEAL International Workshop

As a conclusion to the Grundtvig-funded “IDEAL” (Identifier, évaluer et valider : pratiques et perspectives de la validation des acquis de l’expérience) project, an international workshop will take place in Vilnius, on September 2013, 26-27th.

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Reflect on actual APL systems in Europe

  • Work on Lifelong Learning outlooks
  • Promote the concept and setting up of APL methodologies by IDEAL involved actors
  • Develop APL tools in the most advanced countries in this area
  • Reflect on APL contributions in a professional prospect to contribute to a smart growth
  • Study how APL could contribute efficiently to the training rights of citizens and workers and generalization of universities


The Europe 2020 Europe‘s Growth Strategy wants the EU to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. The objective is to open education to all European citizens (for example, the share of 30-34 year old with tertiary educational attainment should be at least 40%). Lifelong Learning answers to this intention.
This strategy is reaffirmed by the new Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020), which put emphasis on the development of lifelong learning, mobility, quality and efficiency of teaching and vocational training (formal, informal or non formal), with an idea of equity and social inclusion. Thus, this strategy recommends an average of at least 15 % of adults (age group 25-64) participating in Lifelong Learning.

To make for the development of these two EU strategies, the professionalization of teachers is a key stake for ensuring a high quality knowledge transfer. Nevertheless, some differences exist among European countries, in terms of teaching staff. Some countries are facing up to a shortage of teachers seen in technical and scientific teachings. On the other hand, some Members States have made arrangements to reinforce the teachers’ training.

Thus, the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) is a good opportunity and plays a key role to reduce the shortage of teachers and to make the teaching vocation more attractive or to allow a vocational promotion by a continuing education program for in-service teachers, to get a teaching certificate as required, a consequence of new national rules.
IDEAL workshop will deal with these different aspects, on the practices and outlooks of Accreditation of Prior Learning in Europe, by taking stock of current systems, its strengths and weakness, in order to see the actions/ mechanisms that we could set up in lifelong learning.

The different expected contributed talks would deal with:

  • APL, outlooks on lifelong learning in Europe
  • APL methodologies: from diversity to quality; its adaptation to local needs
  • Professionalization of the APL supporting by setting up some tools (from non formal and informal prior learning to accreditation of prior learning); use of IT technologies
  • APL beyond its use in university.

The talks and round table of the workshop will deal with, in all aspects the European, national and local choices about the APL. All these questions will be discussed and highlighted in French and English (legislation, methodology, tools, funding system…), by international experts, stakeholders and lecturer-researchers.


Submission of contributed talk/communication 01/04/2013
Communication reply 25/04/2013
Presentation of abstracts 01/06/2013
Deadline for registration 01/09/2013

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